Thursday, December 23, 2010

Concert Coimbatore

My inspiration has always been guruji of course but one person also stands out. My YES! teacher sahil jagtiani. He has always guided me on how to be on the path and how to balance life almost. He has tolerated my foolishness. He has launched his new album avataran 3. Its come out awesome. Recently i went to coimbatore and didn't sing this time though but i learnt a lot about sound engineering. i was managing the effects, echo etc. Mixing sounds to get the optimum end result is a tedious task. Also noticed the perfection in him. The concert was just ...... amazing(understatement). Even its like a month since the concert i am still humming the tunes. There is a part of me which is in pursuit of happiness and another part which is totally blissfully. Also have learnt some new bhajans which i will try out in the satsang soon. I am also planing to take my guitaring skills to next level. Last year was great but .... next year you better watch out bcos i am comming sooon to party.
The above picture >> Bhaiyas First YES!+ course in delhi.