Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tuffy The Puppy

Well i am sure you like my blog and like what i write. This blog is dedicated to all my roomies. I will introduce them as the story progresses. Ashwani was my roomate,now he a full time YES!+ faculty in lucknow. As we were getting to know each other as roommates very well,one day we contemplated on having a dog. Dogs are cute (puppies). I had gone to do my thing during summer vacations to bangalore and when i returned i saw a cute puppy. All of us fell in love with him. It could barely walk straight. The innocence in his eyes would make any one cuddle him. Its one of those things one has got to do as a bachelor (ex: going to GOA, adopt a STRAY dog,all the things mom would not let us do,watching movies non stop for a days without going to loo). Getting a doggy seemed so right especially when the dog was stray. We were not sure if the dog had rabies( Being in Art of Living we dont judge people/puppies and accept every one beyond race,cast,creed,religion and sex). Responsibility to feed the dog was taken by Ashwani, as he had got it home. We expected the dog to walk itself (we had a 2000sq.ft floor space). But little we knew of the evil it could do.
Be tuned for the next post:
Snehil to Ashwani "either the dog stays or me" ,Ashwani "fine you leave"
Maid quits after seeing the "poop"
Tuffy gets a kennel to sleep in :D :D.