Thursday, March 25, 2010


I need to collect my thoughts on this one. Its the only thing that seems real in this world or sometimes every thing else seems so real. If you have not felt it, you will not be able to understand a word of what i am going to say. It not merely love but something beyond that. It is a feeling where each and every cell of your body ...... is in that state, that moment.
I have noticed a pattern in my life which has given me strength or faith on my path.

1)I have been so helpless whenever i have taken or challenged things larger than life, when at that point when no knowledge seems to work.
2)This feeling of helplessness ferments and ferments.
3)Ferments more.
4)Amazingly all odds turn to your favour and you are victorious.

This feeling, that every thing will be alright at the end gives me immense faith on my guru and on my path. These days fear in non existent in my lexicon.This is because i have failed may times. But still i am every ready to take panga(take on things larger than life) with the divine because it is only then i get to feel him completely. I have prayed from him, for an opportunity to do seva (larger than life style).He is the one doing seva and he is the one looking after me 'in time of trouble'. He has taught me how to play the guitar and he is the one who has bestowed me with grace. If you get a chance please listen to Bhakti sutras by guruji. I have crossed oceans of misery with these sutras. Well lets not delay and lets spread the fire of bhakti around the world.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Another Week Over

Its another and to another day;
How swift they are passing thru;
And the sweetest moments that i have spent;
My dear , I spent with you :)

Well i have gone to my college for more than 30 days regularly and have only taken ten days off. Well i am impressed with myself. I might just get 80% attendance. Have heard really good music will upload the as soon as i get a widget to play them. Feel really content for no reason at all. Just moving with the flow .

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I am working on my new blog for quite some time now. I will be adding videos and music soon. Got lot of ideas and have lot of stuff to share. I have a new youtube channel in my profile as my webpage. My old blog is officially dead.