Saturday, December 17, 2011

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Well I just finished MY TTC!! and gurudev blessed me to take Art Excel,YES! and YES!+. Decided to organize and take my first yesplus. As an organizer i learnt a lot. It changed the way i look at life. The stakes were as high as ever. YES!+ with SHREYA DIDI. It need to be BIG!!. Usually when complete responsibility is taken it comes with stress (tension that where will people come from?). I mentally made a note that full responsibility will be taken by me like a feather not like a rock on my head and that's how my experience was. 400 + youth did kriya . Course was organized by students who had not done the AOL course. Used technology (SKYPE sessions with didi), Online database, Bulk smses . The management was shocked by such a good response.
Got bored of intro talks and started doing satsangs in classrooms. Realized it doesn't matter what you say more important is in what state of being you are blabbering. It doesn't matter if you sing,dance ,play games ,talk for 5 min or talk for hour and half at the end its your range and signal strength to the TOWER. Students in ahmedabad are good dancers. The moment we played music they automatically formed a circle and stated dancing in a FORMATION (garba). Rythm and beat are ingrained in their DNA.

I felt i had made a mistake...... and i asked didi for her feedback shreya didi replied " Krishna i don't see any mistakes because i don't see any faults in you" . Its very easy to be critical but to have perfection in feeling level...... this is one of the amazing qualities in shreya didi .

In one of the satsangs in bangalore ashram some one asked swami bhramatej "how do i get rid of negative thoughts" and swamiji replied " i dont know...." "i don't get negative thoughts"(WHAT!!!!) but it was the way he said it that i realized, that i am in the presence of perfected beings.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

What Have i been up to

Well i have finally completed my engineering and now i am on cross roads of my life. My engineering degree has been a gift from my guru. I never attended college and when i did attend i slept. I have been extremely lucky ( I had got placed without me even trying ...... ) . I am right now in bangalore ashram doing seva in Sumeru Sandhya Dept. with sahil bhaiya. I am have also applied for the next TTC. Took morning yoga sessions for two YES!2 batches. I totally loved it. The grind of getting up early morning every day and doing
sadhana with children rocks :P. Have also been practicing my guitar in vasuki till now no one has complained to the admin. :). I also lost office mobile phone and observed my mind saying "see i have come so far from chennai to do seva ,why is this happening to good people like me". I am also putting an effort to improve my communication ( speaking to people without aaa, and,umm,like, etc etc.) anyway figuring out a way to live in knowledge CONSTANTLY (guys the first step is to listen to knowledge:P). Am happy with the way things are going ( i seem to get offended very fast) am still naturally arrogant to some people. I recently read a book on maharishis of india (agastya, vashista, bhrigu.... ) feel totally inspired to do tapas and achieve perfection in my life, some how i feel connected to them :).

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tuffy The Puppy

Well i am sure you like my blog and like what i write. This blog is dedicated to all my roomies. I will introduce them as the story progresses. Ashwani was my roomate,now he a full time YES!+ faculty in lucknow. As we were getting to know each other as roommates very well,one day we contemplated on having a dog. Dogs are cute (puppies). I had gone to do my thing during summer vacations to bangalore and when i returned i saw a cute puppy. All of us fell in love with him. It could barely walk straight. The innocence in his eyes would make any one cuddle him. Its one of those things one has got to do as a bachelor (ex: going to GOA, adopt a STRAY dog,all the things mom would not let us do,watching movies non stop for a days without going to loo). Getting a doggy seemed so right especially when the dog was stray. We were not sure if the dog had rabies( Being in Art of Living we dont judge people/puppies and accept every one beyond race,cast,creed,religion and sex). Responsibility to feed the dog was taken by Ashwani, as he had got it home. We expected the dog to walk itself (we had a 2000sq.ft floor space). But little we knew of the evil it could do.
Be tuned for the next post:
Snehil to Ashwani "either the dog stays or me" ,Ashwani "fine you leave"
Maid quits after seeing the "poop"
Tuffy gets a kennel to sleep in :D :D.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Well i wanted to write about failing. Only those who fail can go to a state of helplessness.This feeling is so beautiful. Generally people pray truly when they fail. WELL LET ME TELL YOU THAT I HAVE FAILED CONSISTENTLY. When i started doing seva in my teens every thing would become fiasco. I could not register people for course could not speak without stammering and everything used to breakdown when i touched it(literally!!). YES I have broken (glasses,cups,motors,... and much much more). Simple tasks like getting getting some vegetables for my teacher would end up in a mess. I still remember that night when i was walking alone in bangalore streets, UTSAH 2007 was a few days away and i started crying. Every thing i did was counter productive and useless.I screwed up the course accounts, ordered the wrong pizzas for my teacher (YES @ that time pizzas were very important), Lied about the number of registrations and got caught. I knew all my actions were out of love. Still there was failure. Suddenly and automatically a deep prayer came up. I felt that moment completely. It was a moment of deep perfection. perfection in feelings. Such a perfection that even now just the thought of that night ...... can trigger that perfection in my life even now.