Sunday, June 26, 2011

What Have i been up to

Well i have finally completed my engineering and now i am on cross roads of my life. My engineering degree has been a gift from my guru. I never attended college and when i did attend i slept. I have been extremely lucky ( I had got placed without me even trying ...... ) . I am right now in bangalore ashram doing seva in Sumeru Sandhya Dept. with sahil bhaiya. I am have also applied for the next TTC. Took morning yoga sessions for two YES!2 batches. I totally loved it. The grind of getting up early morning every day and doing
sadhana with children rocks :P. Have also been practicing my guitar in vasuki till now no one has complained to the admin. :). I also lost office mobile phone and observed my mind saying "see i have come so far from chennai to do seva ,why is this happening to good people like me". I am also putting an effort to improve my communication ( speaking to people without aaa, and,umm,like, etc etc.) anyway figuring out a way to live in knowledge CONSTANTLY (guys the first step is to listen to knowledge:P). Am happy with the way things are going ( i seem to get offended very fast) am still naturally arrogant to some people. I recently read a book on maharishis of india (agastya, vashista, bhrigu.... ) feel totally inspired to do tapas and achieve perfection in my life, some how i feel connected to them :).


  1. A way to live the knowledge constantly !!! that is what I am looking for too!! Waiting to take a course with u soon!

  2. Congrats on your job! And excellent.. seva in ashram the besttt :D

  3. Can you give the title of the book?

  4. Wow ! All the best for your TTC I hope Our guru helps you glide through that also without you even trying ! :D