Saturday, June 23, 2012

Gadgets that make me go GAGA

Well today i have decided to write about the gadgets that i use on a daily basis. Me and my gadgets have a very complicated relationship, it began when i was 9. A brand new 486 PC with windows 3.1. Wait .... hold on this started way before i was 9.

My first toy was a Brick. At a tender age of 5, I was the master of Tetris. We used to have challenge rounds where i used to compete with Dad and Sis. Half a dozen bricks later ( some of the died,some submerged in water and most of them were subjected to military grade drop tests). 

Later i graduated to Terminator. Well those poor souls who don't know what Terminator is ... it is a 8 BIT video game. Wow 8BIT!!!. It worked on Cartridges. My favorite game was not Tetris, It was Contra which is as good as it gets (Esp. when you worked with a buddy on Multiplayer mode). My sister hated the game.
I used to plug in my console when my parents were asleep ( Happy Hours :) )
I would like to recall one incident very clearly, One day when i did not share my TV Video game with my Sis. Guess what she did?. To my horror ,She picked up my console and threw it out.(Yes i have had a very troubled childhood). I cried for days but i got over it. ( It was tough) . Again after 3 8bit Consoles / TV video Games i moved on to Nintendo.
(1 destroyed by sis, 1 joysticks stopped working, 1 again destroyed, don't remember by whom by i suspect my Sister).

More on Part 2 of the post!.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Expense chart Using Google Docs

Google Visualization API Sample

My First Google Chart

Hi Guys,
I am exploring Google charts for BI. I will share what worked and what didn't with you. Lets hope i go a long way.

Google Charts

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sri Sri Yoga

I have been wanting to write about Yoga for a long time. Yoga for me now is not just Asanas, its a lot more than that. Doing Asanas was a pain (literally). Touch here touch there .... weird poses. I literally used to skip the warm ups so that i can do my meditation. But alas life is not so simple. My body started rebelling and knees started hurting (I promise you that meditation is not possible even if your with god himself). This was when i woke up to the fact that meditation and yoga are complementary. During one of  the Yoga sessions i found that i was in completely meditative state yet in action. This was a very very new experience for me. Doing Yoga is definitely not about stretching more than other person.

I had sinus since i was in 4th std+back ache. Today i am a free birdie.

If you are deeply in love with yourself ,do come and attend Sri Sri Yoga.
(We will be preparing for Yogathon an all india national event where we will nail 108 suryanamaskars..... and yes certificates will given ....... ) .

Minor Side effects :
a) Increased Intuition
b) Happiness
c) Weight loss / Weight gain
d) Bye bye back ache!.

Dates: 16th to 20th March
Venue: Sri Sri Kutir, Kalyannagar
Timings :
Morning: 630am to 830am
Evening : 630pm to 830pm
Contact: +91-953834128

Thursday, February 23, 2012


I am republishing this post !! .....

This post is dedicated to my sister for making my life so much easier. I was studying in Hyderabad and I had a group of friends in my colony with whom I would hang out. One of them was like 5 years older than us. His name was Raj. Every one used to use the choicest of words to curse him b'cos of the simple fact he was too old (he looked like a nerd too). Well one day he came up to me and said "Krishna do you want to have something to eat" I obviously said yes and 15 minutes later I was happily munchin chips and had a bottle of Mountain dew to drink.This routine continued for a month and steadily my friends got jealous because he was'nt treating them. One day Raj came up to me and told me that he was in love with my sister and he wanted my help to woo her.
Well I considered my options :

1) He was too ugly. My sister would never fall for him even if all the angels and the gods were with him.

2) C'mon Gross!..... which loser would tell someone's brother that he loves his sister! it is the most pissing off thing one can do.

3) AND the most important thing >>Chips(Lays) and Aerated Drink(Mountain dew)<< every day for the rest of my life.

Well my friends knew about this and did all the things possible to stop me from accepting coke and chips. "C'mon man, its your sister!, If someone said something like that to my sister my brother would beat the crap out of him" said Sarfu. Sarfu had a brother whose name was Rizwan and his occupation was in import/export business. He had lot of friends and they used to go around in bikes. Well i didn't have a brother, I figured that god has given me brains, using my yukti I didn't say anything. This treating went on for few months but Raj wanted results I didn't help him a bit.

One day he got tired of treating me and said he is going to say the three letter word to my sister. My response : "No. leave my sister alone!".

He got angry and said "Its gone too far already". Well, he had never spoken to my sister or even remotely tried. I think he was referring to the money he had spent on treating me with Chips and Coke every day.

In full josh He decided to go to my house and tell my sister the dreaded three letter word. I was damn scared for myself if Raj spilt the beans that he was treating me every day. Mom and Dad would definitely not be pleased. Well he went home met Dad and after that the details are vague because i wasn't there, it seems my Dad told him to concentrate on studies and forget about it. That was the last day I got my treat. Later on when i spilled the beans to my sister she got pissed because I didn't share the coke and the chips with her.

Moral of the story: coke and chips are unhealthy.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Balchetna Shibir

 Well i cannot imagine getting up @ 6 in the morning without a reason. Past few days the reason for waking early and doing my practice early are these cute little innocent kids!!. I guess i am learning more from them :D. Teaching 150 kids!!!this is as good as it gets. (There is always one kid talking, One kid throwing stones at others and one kid fighting at any given point to time). My life feels more useful at the end of the day. Today was the third day of the workshop. We shared a very stupid joke and all of them burst out laughing. Comon i am known for my horrible pjs but when you have audience which really appreciates ..... nothing like it  :D.
I am taking this beautiful course with Kiran. Kids love him. They love him so much that while playing the game they think he is a participant and form groups with him. Kiran being Kiran gives instruction for the course and also for the group he is in. At this juncture i do not know who is teaching whom. 1 word to describe this course is UTTER CHAOS and CELEBRATION!!. I can feel that god through them. This post is dedicated to '150 Beautiful KIDS who literally rock my world'.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


When i was studying in hyderabad i used to have a bike to travel. Usually I would just hum some tunes while driving (Usually Satanic Rock songs and Hindi Songs). Well let me confess that i am not much of a singer. When i was in school my music teacher tagged me as one of the 'besura' students and did not make it to the school choir (Thank GOD!!!). One fine day i was driving back home and started humming a bhajan. That day i realized that there was a shift in the way my brain thinks (consciousness). I would feel elated when ever i would listen to devotional music (get goose bumps ,throat chocking with gratitude,etc ....). I was completely transformed. Some how i was talented enough to play the guitar without any formal training and  i started singing. When we open up our minds to the infinite possibilities in life talents come up. I cannot imagine my self the way i was before the Art of living. Now I feel and think differently. There is something inexpressible in music and i do my best to express it and i have always FAILED.
(Above Pic from Left to Right : Me,Namita Di, Shreya Didi, Rahul ,Meenal Didi) YES!+ satsang at Visnagar with 500 kids!.