Wednesday, January 25, 2012


When i was studying in hyderabad i used to have a bike to travel. Usually I would just hum some tunes while driving (Usually Satanic Rock songs and Hindi Songs). Well let me confess that i am not much of a singer. When i was in school my music teacher tagged me as one of the 'besura' students and did not make it to the school choir (Thank GOD!!!). One fine day i was driving back home and started humming a bhajan. That day i realized that there was a shift in the way my brain thinks (consciousness). I would feel elated when ever i would listen to devotional music (get goose bumps ,throat chocking with gratitude,etc ....). I was completely transformed. Some how i was talented enough to play the guitar without any formal training and  i started singing. When we open up our minds to the infinite possibilities in life talents come up. I cannot imagine my self the way i was before the Art of living. Now I feel and think differently. There is something inexpressible in music and i do my best to express it and i have always FAILED.
(Above Pic from Left to Right : Me,Namita Di, Shreya Didi, Rahul ,Meenal Didi) YES!+ satsang at Visnagar with 500 kids!.