Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Balchetna Shibir

 Well i cannot imagine getting up @ 6 in the morning without a reason. Past few days the reason for waking early and doing my practice early are these cute little innocent kids!!. I guess i am learning more from them :D. Teaching 150 kids!!!this is as good as it gets. (There is always one kid talking, One kid throwing stones at others and one kid fighting at any given point to time). My life feels more useful at the end of the day. Today was the third day of the workshop. We shared a very stupid joke and all of them burst out laughing. Comon i am known for my horrible pjs but when you have audience which really appreciates ..... nothing like it  :D.
I am taking this beautiful course with Kiran. Kids love him. They love him so much that while playing the game they think he is a participant and form groups with him. Kiran being Kiran gives instruction for the course and also for the group he is in. At this juncture i do not know who is teaching whom. 1 word to describe this course is UTTER CHAOS and CELEBRATION!!. I can feel that god through them. This post is dedicated to '150 Beautiful KIDS who literally rock my world'.


  1. so so cute :) I hope that life is also a celebration, little chaos is something we can deal with!

  2. Choas is the value addition which happens in bal chetna I think !!! ITs not a course at all without chaos !