Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sri Sri Yoga

I have been wanting to write about Yoga for a long time. Yoga for me now is not just Asanas, its a lot more than that. Doing Asanas was a pain (literally). Touch here touch there .... weird poses. I literally used to skip the warm ups so that i can do my meditation. But alas life is not so simple. My body started rebelling and knees started hurting (I promise you that meditation is not possible even if your with god himself). This was when i woke up to the fact that meditation and yoga are complementary. During one of  the Yoga sessions i found that i was in completely meditative state yet in action. This was a very very new experience for me. Doing Yoga is definitely not about stretching more than other person.

I had sinus since i was in 4th std+back ache. Today i am a free birdie.

If you are deeply in love with yourself ,do come and attend Sri Sri Yoga.
(We will be preparing for Yogathon an all india national event where we will nail 108 suryanamaskars..... and yes certificates will given ....... ) .

Minor Side effects :
a) Increased Intuition
b) Happiness
c) Weight loss / Weight gain
d) Bye bye back ache!.

Dates: 16th to 20th March
Venue: Sri Sri Kutir, Kalyannagar
Timings :
Morning: 630am to 830am
Evening : 630pm to 830pm
Contact: +91-953834128