Saturday, June 23, 2012

Gadgets that make me go GAGA

Well today i have decided to write about the gadgets that i use on a daily basis. Me and my gadgets have a very complicated relationship, it began when i was 9. A brand new 486 PC with windows 3.1. Wait .... hold on this started way before i was 9.

My first toy was a Brick. At a tender age of 5, I was the master of Tetris. We used to have challenge rounds where i used to compete with Dad and Sis. Half a dozen bricks later ( some of the died,some submerged in water and most of them were subjected to military grade drop tests). 

Later i graduated to Terminator. Well those poor souls who don't know what Terminator is ... it is a 8 BIT video game. Wow 8BIT!!!. It worked on Cartridges. My favorite game was not Tetris, It was Contra which is as good as it gets (Esp. when you worked with a buddy on Multiplayer mode). My sister hated the game.
I used to plug in my console when my parents were asleep ( Happy Hours :) )
I would like to recall one incident very clearly, One day when i did not share my TV Video game with my Sis. Guess what she did?. To my horror ,She picked up my console and threw it out.(Yes i have had a very troubled childhood). I cried for days but i got over it. ( It was tough) . Again after 3 8bit Consoles / TV video Games i moved on to Nintendo.
(1 destroyed by sis, 1 joysticks stopped working, 1 again destroyed, don't remember by whom by i suspect my Sister).

More on Part 2 of the post!.


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  2. Please get me a new guitar from Germany. I will write another post>> with u in good light.

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