Friday, January 8, 2010

My Holidays Part 1.

(A view of papanasam temple from gurujis house)
My Semester holidays had begun. That is the only time when i do something meaningful in my life. I caught a train for tirchy as soon as my exams finished where i assisted a Yes! course with Shreya Di. Around 150 people celebrated,danced and meditated. To know more about her you can read my earlier posts. She was my first teacher and i was one of her first students. Now She is the youngest TTC teacher and takes Part1,SSY,AE&YES!,YES!+,KYC,KYT,UTSAH,UTSAV workshops to name a few. We were staying in a apex body members house. In a span of 4 day Didi had taken almost 5 workshops for students teachers and the parents combined. The amount of creativity that comes up during her courses is amazing. "I am 100% available for anything "it was a felling which i was floating. We went to Papanasam -Gurujis house and it is said that if you go around the ganesh temple outside all your paap of your previous and future life gets removed. At the end of the course a Poor Muslim boy came and gave me a keychain he said that he has never felt like this before and started crying with tears of gratitude. This magical journey ended and i had to go back to the ashram to begin another one where guruji was there and Sahil bhaiya had some plans for me.

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