Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Let me just jog you past few glorious days of my life. I had actually organized a YES!+ in Chennai For my dear Shreya Didi. I keep telling didi that i had organized this course only for you and she keeps saying that she had come to chennai only for me :). We partied and ate in the most expensive restautrants every day ..... Now i am blogging form the YES! office in bangalore. Today was ganapaty homa. Ganapaty is the god who removes and CREATES obstacles. Trust me folks this pooja is very important for sadhaks. There was a point in the pooja where i fell helpless and not responsible for any actions and sincerely prayed (just prayed ..... didnt ask or tell just prayed). Beauty is at its best here in bangalore ashram. The pooja finished with Sahil Bhaiyas Ganesh OM.


  1. lucky you atlast u just prayed without asking anything from god ;)otherwise maximum time u must have asked god that give me attnedance in college i should not detained ;)