Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sri Sri Yoga TTC

Being a Yogi::

For the past ten days i thought i was going to lean how to teach yoga, But what i learnt and experienced was something else. My TTC teacher was kishanji who is a yogashiromani. If i have met enlightened people one is guruji and the next one is him :). He is like a child over 70 years of age. Guiding our body mind and spirit. Body ... intense yoga for 4 hours each day. Mind..... amazing knowledge from the Ashtangyoga, PYS etc. Spirit.... i have never meditated for 2 hours in a stretch. Yoga develops ones 6th sence. Any one can teach how to do yoga these days internet is full of yogic books etc but to be a yogi is something special being united with the spirit always.
Part 2 coming up.

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