Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Installing Ambari from scratch using Vagrant. Step by Step

Being a developer it a pain to configure hadoop every time.
I wanted a process that is easily reproducible.
So at a high level steps involved are:

Make sure you have vagrant installed
Config : 3 node , 3.4GB, 1 core each
1 master, 2 slaves
Create a vagrant file (Make sure you have more than 10GB Ram)

after creating this file all you need to do is 'vagrant up'

Step 1: FDQN
change vi /etc/hosts

prepend with following entries hadoop1 hadoop2 hadoop3

(In All three nodes)
you should be able to ssh using domain names + 'hostname -f' returns fdqn for that machine

Install NTP and NTPD in all nodes

Use the script below to prepare your cluster
./ hosts.txt

And Vola . Just run the commands below.

PS : Make sure you had entries to the hosts in Windows. Remember to check if the hostname is pingable from windows.



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