Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hive - Part 2


Hive was developed by facebook .
  • It is a data warehouse system built on Hadoop.
  • Helps you to define a structure for you massive unstructured data
  • Simplify analysis by using SQL like scripting language.(Hive QL)
Hive is NOT : 
  1. A Relational Database
  2. Designed for OLTP.
  3. Suited for real time updates  
Use Cases:
Ad hoc queries

Hive components:
Hive Clients (Thrift,JDBC,ODBC)
Hive Services (CLI(Command Line Interface), HWI(Hive web Interface))
Hive Metastore

The metastore is the central repository of Hive metadata. The metastore is divided into two pieces: a service and the backing store for the data. By default, the metastore service runs in the same JVM as the Hive service and contains an embedded Derby database instance backed by the local disk. This is called the embedded metastore configuration.

In Hive Insert statement is used to populate data.
We can load data to the table from local disk or HDFS.

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